How to Afford Out-of-State College Tuition

how to pay out of state college tuitionAre Out-of-State Colleges Too Expensive to Consider? Think again – maybe not!

Written by: Steve Wynne of Student Choice

At First Glance

You live in Massachusetts, but your dream school is University of Virginia: Thomas Jefferson; Corinthian columns, killer tailgating.  What to do?  Going to college out-of-state is just too expensive for most students, right?  Or…is it?  The fact is, public and…

How to Shred the Freshman Fifteen – Better Yet, Don’t Gain it!

shred the freshman 15.Written by: Tracie McGetrick of Student Choice

Let’s face it, if you ever had to lose weight before you know that doing the right things so you don’t gain weight in the first place is a lot easier than having to do the right things after to lose it.  And, since it is only mid-October, I’m hoping you haven’t already…

Earn College Credits in High School and Save on Tuition

earn college credits while you're in high schoolWritten by: Sharon Newkirk of Student Choice

Bank those college credits early!

Saving money when you’re in college is on the top of most college students’ minds. But, what about saving money in college – before you get to college? One of the best ways to save money is to prepare well in advance. There are several methods to attain…