What to do with Unwanted Holiday Gifts?

what to do with unwanted gifts

Written by: Dustin Limburg of Student Choice

Yahoo Finance just released a great video “Regift, reuse, recycle – How to trade overpriced and unwanted gadgets for better stuff” and it got me thinking. What to do with those holiday gifts that missed the mark?

Check out the original article and video here.

Here are some thrifty ideas from the last few…

Smart Last Minute Gift Ideas – Shopping and Sticking to Your Budget!

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Smart Last Minute Shopping Tips – Sticking to Your Budget!

With so few days left in the holiday shopping season, it is easy to find yourself buying last minute gifts that take you way outside of your budget. Friends or co-workers that you may not have included on your shopping list suddenly surprise you with a…

How to Choose the Right College

college tuition payment plansWritten by: Janet Barger of Student Choice

Statistics show getting training after high school will help you get a better paying job doing work you like. Going to school is also a big investment – you are investing your time and investing your own money or taking out a student loan to go to school.

Whether you want to go to a university, technical…