How to Shred the Freshman Fifteen – Better Yet, Don’t Gain it!

shred the freshman 15.Written by: Tracie McGetrick of Student Choice

Let’s face it, if you ever had to lose weight before you know that doing the right things so you don’t gain weight in the first place is a lot easier than having to do the right things after to lose it.  And, since it is only mid-October, I’m hoping you haven’t already…

College is a Business – What You Should Know and Why

College is a businessWritten by: Steve Wynne of Student Choice

The more you know about the business of the college you are considering or attending, the better off you will be.

Thinking about going to college? Beginning the college application process? Entering your sophomore year? It may surprise you that the college or university you are interested in or attending is actually a business. A big business.