How to Handle Student Loans after College Graduation

college tuition payment plans

Graduation + Loans = Now What?

written by: Sarah Miller for Student Choice

So you graduated college?! Hooray for you! You’ve got your diploma in hand and are ready for all the joys of adulthood – your own place, a job doing something you love, no one telling you what to do. Unfortunately adulthood also comes with responsibility, and that includes paying bills and…

College Students with Disabilities – Know Before You Go

what students with disabilities should know before they go to college

Students with Disabilities – What to Know Before You Go

Written by: Sarah Miller for Student Choice

If you’re a college-bound student with a disability – whether it’s a learning disability, ADHD, or a physical disability – you’ll find some changes in the services you’ll receive when you head to college. There will different expectations and you will face…

College Financial Aid Dictionary – Part 2

financial aid dictionary

More terms you need to know to get the most out of your financial aid.

Written by: Lisa Phelps for Student Choice

As soon as you graduate or leave school, each of your loan administrators will notify you about the amount and due dates of your payments. There will be paperwork to go through and some of it might be overwhelming.

We’re here to help! Here are some common…

Finding Free College Money – How to Score Scholarship Gold

how to find college scholarships

In It to Win It – How to score scholarship gold for college

Written by: Sarah Miller for Student Choice

We talk often about the importance of free or cheap money for college. So you may be asking, “Alright, where do I find this money? And how do I get it?” With all of the college deadlines and applications piling up, it may…

Earn College Credits in High School and Save on Tuition

earn college credits while you're in high schoolWritten by: Sharon Newkirk of Student Choice

Bank those college credits early!

Saving money when you’re in college is on the top of most college students’ minds. But, what about saving money in college – before you get to college? One of the best ways to save money is to prepare well in advance. There are several methods to attain…

How to Get a Great College Scholarship or Job Reference

Janet Barger Credit Union Student ChoiceWritten by: Janet Barger of Student Choice

In today’s competitive college admissions scholarship awarding environment, how do you stand out?  How do you make an impression? One of the ways to set yourself apart when applying for admission, scholarships or grants (see my scholarship/grant article), or jobs (see Sharon’s jobs article), is to…