Lend Your Voice is Back for 2016

What Lend Your Voice 2015 Brought Us

Testimonials from real borrowers paint a powerful picture of the need for fair-value education lending solutions. Last year Student Choice launched its Lend Your Voice campaign and collected more than 30 student lending stories from credit union borrowers. From first-generation American college students to adults returning to school, the stories let us see the real people behind the Student Choice loan:

Angelika's Story


As a first generation Polish immigrant and college student, one of my main objectives was to make certain my parents’ sacrifice was worth the trip into the United States. Investing in my own future would not have been possible without the Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union student loan I received throughout three consecutive years. The application and acceptance process was simple and renewing in the following years was even simpler. With the low interest rate at the credit union, which is even lower than my federal loan rates, I did not feel financially strained.

Naomi's Story


My dream since I was a sophomore in high school was to become a nationally board certified Music Therapist, specializing in Hospice and Palliative Care. This career was my dream; however, I knew it wasn’t lucrative and I may have some difficult financial decisions ahead. Through many scholarship applications I lowered the tuition at my dream college and knew with the right interest rate on a loan I could easily attend my dream college! Wright-Patt Credit Union was very helpful when I first applied for a loan. I had no idea what I was doing and everyone I spoke to was so personable and seemed to actually care! I now work as a board certified Music Therapist at a large Hospice where we serve approximately 900 patients and their families.

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Lend Your Voice 2016

Building on the success of the first round of Lend Your Voice, Student Choice is launching the program again this fall to collect even more stories. Borrowers and co-borrowers of a current or past Credit Union Student Choice private student loan can submit their photos and stories at www.lendyourvoicetostudentchoice.org.

Is your credit union offering its members the ability to pursue their dreams?

Does your Credit Union provide a student loan solution that is changing the lives of its members? Contact us today to learn about our product offering and how we can assist your credit union in fostering relationships with your members, just like those featured on our Lend Your Voice website.

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