Proof that College IS Worth it!

is college really worth it

Is College Worth It? Clearly, New Data Say

Response written by: Sarah Miller for Student Choice
Original articled posted by the New York Times 5/27/14

With all of the talk in recent years about a struggling economy and massive student loan debt, many high school graduates may be wondering if college is really worth it. In one word: absolutely. The New York Times recently published an article outlining the massive wage gap between those who graduate from college and those who don’t. It turns out Americans with a four-year degree earn 98% more an hour! And that number has climbed consistently over the past decades, meaning there is still a great need for college graduates in the workplace.

We know that even with those numbers in front of you, it isn’t easy to commit to a college education. Maybe you’re the first in your family to attend college. Maybe you fear you won’t be able to find a job or you’ll face thousands of dollars in debt when you graduate. But if you take the right steps to obtaining and financing your education, you’re definitely headed down the right path. And don’t forget about the other benefits of college – getting to explore a career you love, meeting tons of new people, and the opportunity to travel and experience new things.

By making smart decisions about your college education – choosing the right college, choosing a major that will pay off in the end, and making wise decisions about paying for your education – you’ll be on your way to a promising future!

Read the New York Times article here.

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