Holt Emphasizes Need for Private Student Lending

 This content originally appeared on CU Today.

JimDuring the CUNA Lending Council annual meeting, student loans – and especially refi’s – were at the front of the class as a loan opportunity for credit unions, offering low defaults, large balances and attractive margins. Credit Union Student Choice SVP and Chief Revenue Officer Jim Holt was one of the experts on hand to discuss the opportunities…

Proof that College IS Worth it!

is college really worth it

Is College Worth It? Clearly, New Data Say

Response written by: Sarah Miller for Student Choice
Original articled posted by the New York Times 5/27/14

With all of the talk in recent years about a struggling economy and massive student loan debt, many high school graduates may be wondering if college is really worth it. In one word: absolutely. The New York…

Is College Really Worth It?

is college worth it

Is College Really Worth the Cost and Effort?

written by: Sarah Miller for Student Choice

Campus visits. Applications. Tuition payments. Financial aid. With all of the work it takes to get to and through college, you may start to wonder, “Is it really worth it?” In most cases the answer…

Real Heroes – College and Beyond – CNN Hero of the Year

Kekenya Ntaiya

Written by: Janet Barger of Student Choice

UPDATE (11-20-13):

Congratulations to Kakenya for being a CNN 2013 Hero of the Year Finalist!  And, congratulations to Chad Pregracke for being named 2013 CNN Hero of the Year!  I look forward to following each of them along their respective paths to meeting their goals – building a school in your village and cleaning up our rivers and…